Information is knowing facts about events that have arisen through transmission and communication between people. Everyone has their own point of view. Due to social media everyone can read, share and retain their view. We live in a world of communication, sending and receiving messages, collecting and distributing information. Communication can also be used to mislead by sharing (partly) incorrect information. Due to the rise of fake news you can't see the difference between real and fake anymore.

#FOLLOW-UP is an collaborative editorial office. News will be created by it's user. Discover through participation how many different perspectives can be highlighted and how to manipulate information based on the different forms of fake news.

Editorial member

The editorial office exists through a structured collaboration in order to create news. The office contains five roles: First the witness sees a short video, the journalist asks questions to the witness in order to write a text, the image-editor adds images, the text-editor writes a title and the artdirector shuffles all the content in order to design a news page. 

Flexible thinking

Every news editor also gets another role, a secret role. Using the method flexible thinking helps the participant to think from another perspective and give him the opportunity to play with the influence of fake news.

# FOLLOW-UP is an experience to create and learn more about news. You can experience how information can be manipulated and which elements can contribute to that. In addition, the game offers interesting group discussions about the designed news item in relation to reality.

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