Studio buiten stramien is a graphic design and research based agency in Rotterdam (2018), most known for #FOLLOW-UP.

Studio buiten stramien emphasizes on multidisciplinair design with a focus on graphic design. As an agency they design tools to capture different perspectives on a subject by connecting people through interactive participation design.

Graphic Design has an important part in transferring information to its reader because the purpose of the content must be comprehensible to the target group. It can be used as a powerful tool because a designer can make the viewer believe the designers vision. Studio buiten stramien believes that it isn't possible to show multiple perspectives as an individual. That’s why they focus on the user, how to embed their discipline Graphic Design in a way to structure multiple perspectives (mass innovation) from the user and make them a part of the final product through using open design.

Their main focus is on design research to develop new tools for new design collaborations. 'The user becomes a designer through designed guidelines'. The studio is also available for freelance opportunities.

The firm was founded by Marleen Deneer who is best known as singer Marilyn Dena. Deneer studied at Nimeto in Utrecht (graphic design) and at Willem the Kooning Academy in Rotterdam (Graphic Design & Visual Culture+) where she also graduated cum laude with an honors degree. During her studies she did her internship at Han Snel and 75B.

During her study her main focus was on open design how to make the user a part of the designproces and about collecting all perspectives including and excluding a multicultural society. Through prototyping and graphical explorations she went in search of her own personal style.